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ver had someone give you bad news? Exactly how about good news? What’s the difference or is there some sort of difference?

Very good news instructions stuff or info that makes all of us happy, content, reassured, secure and validated.

Bad news : the alternative.

So, this would appear of which we have a difference involving good and bad news : read on.

Have you ever got bad news but throughout the end items turned out properly or better as compared to you anticipated? Have you ever acquired very good news and over time what you considered was good news finished up being not really so good?

From personal experience I can inform you that I have experienced all 4 –

Good news that was good.

Unfortunate thing that was negative.

Great news that We thought was good but ended up being negative.

Bad news that I thought was bad and ended way up being good.

Puzzled yet? Well I actually know that with time I was usually confused about the variation between these two noticeable opposite messages. Yet then I learned that sometimes bad information well for someone can turn out to be perceived as very good news for someone more and that great news to one particular person over time can become perceived as bad.

Confused? Let us explain.

In the end it’s merely news and exactly what causes it to be bad or good or actually neutral is certainly not the news on its own but how all of us perceive it, judge it, evaluate this or react because of it.

Just how can someone perceive bad news as good you might request? Or the opposite, how could a person perceive good reports as bad?

Throughout brief – all of us has an unique history, encounters, beliefs and values and as a result none associated with us ever see typically the same thing or perhaps circumstance in the particular same way.

Somebody who is a worrier, negative, pessimistic or even impatient might see a delay like bad when someone else who understands the concept of there are things we could control in addition to there are issues we can’t control so why get hold of all upset about something you cannot control or in case you can control it get busy.

In the end everything of which happens – merely happens and exactly what we do is translate it all based upon our expectations, aims, needs or mindsets and all involving these are distinctive for each involving us.

Let me provide you a few of personal illustrations. And if you will consider the justification although you may not necessarily have had exactly the same circumstances, if a person will think about it I’ll be you may relate.

Previous to staring the speaking and teaching career I used to be the national sales manager for an international organization. Long tale but the short side is I had a concern along with my boss, the president and thus this individual fired me. Awful news, right? Well that was all I needed to choose it was time to begin a job that has lasted over 40 years and features allowed me in order to see the entire world (25 countries to be able to date) and job with some tremendous clients and people. So in the end this bad news was actually good news.

Below is another quick a single.

Years ago I recommended to my wife plus she said sure. Good news best? (No judgments right here please). Well over time after carrying out my best intended for more than fifteen years I decided it turned out time to be able to end it and even why? Well, without the gruesome points, the relationship has been gradually eroding my self-esteem, confidence in addition to optimistic mindset in addition to I decided of which I didn’t like who I was becoming in that relationship. We parted, amicably – yet we parted. Black Cube as My partner and i was able – over time – to be able to regain all I actually had lost instructions emotionally and spiritually.

We all include our stories and even we all could create lists great news and bad news we have obtained however in the end it’s all simply news.

During some of my business programs I share this simple concept – stop wondering your employees for good news or bad news – just inquire further for the media and after that you make a decision which it is. Since their definition could be completely various than yours.

In addition to the other way round – seeing that an executive or manager don’t transmit – I have many good or not so good news – just inform your employees you’ve obtained some news in addition to let all of them read it as they will see fit centered on their private viewpoints, attitudes, mindsets, experience, expectations and how it may possibly impact them in person.

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