Miracles And Looking at God As Divine Revelation

These are great, honest queries about looking at God, but they arise from the confusion of the moi mind. These are feelings regarding the body they are inquiries of the body being asked by the entire body.

Or “did Moses see God” in truth, or factors like “is Jesus God?” And then, maybe, “If He designed me in His picture, why doesn’t he simply show up ahead of me, where I can see Him, so we can have a encounter-to-experience conversation? He is able of everything.”

We’ve all at some point raised the concern about observing God. You will have the equivalent or very same ego questions that have risen in all of us at one time or one more if you have not currently. “Why does God send out indicators or signals to us when He could just speak to us plainly in our own given language?”

A type of Daze of Form

Our aspiration condition in this instant, the nanosecond of the dream of life in which projected bodily images make the entire world we see, is of our own graphic-generating– not God’s.

Try out to get started understanding that God does not extend Himself as a projected picture, so looking at God does not arrive about. We have made our possess picture of God. While projections are essential as the essence of any aspiration, He is not dreaming.

The fantasy of a entire body as who you are does not have with it a head. Minds do not have real physical characteristics, such as a mouth or vocal cords to talk by means of. We are the extension of God’s Mind, not of a human body.

It’s all a dream, and that is why we aren’t in fact viewing God.

Keep in acim , when humanity as a complete slipped into a aspiration of form of becoming different from Oneness, it was a separation of head and not of body, but these kinds of as a rapid working day, so to speak. Looking at God and lifestyle in this world this way qualified prospects to a lot more equilibrium and our total possible

Positive, God did create us in His Likeness of Thoughts, but the entire body is our own self-created fantasy fashioned to cover our guilt from separating.


Miracles ask, “Could it be some dreams are kept, and others awakened from? A Program in Miracles then responses, “The option is not amongst which dreams to maintain, but only if you want to reside in dreams or to awaken from them.”

This solutions things like did Moses see God, or is Jesus God? Viewing God was Jesus getting into the aspiration with messages to support us awaken.

Think of when you are in a daze or daydream of kind, or had a terrifying considered, only for an immediate, and somebody carefully nudges you to awaken.

Extension of Thoughts

If so, you are now experiencing the Oneness of Thoughts in the Genuine Globe, or correct reality. The ego is rapid to interrupt. If you are not with me below, even briefly, that’s okay, because if you have a willingness, within time It will appear to you as a divine revelation.

This extension of God does not have any involvement with time, simply because time is a component of the dream. When we do awaken wholly and are looking at God, time will have meant absolutely nothing.

Given that all minds are a single, or altars if you will, inside of the 1-Minded realm, then our power to lengthen (talk) within this Oneness is observed as miracles in the aspiration. Are you with me here exactly where looking at God is concerned?

If you might be having difficulty with this, your willingness is proven, but your vision is blocked by the simple fact of your hard work. Toss out the hard work by seeing your willingness as God’s extension.

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